Websites, Apps and Project Management services for your business

We build, maintain, and enhance websites, consult on Project Management and Agile Methodologies, and much more.

What do we do?

We do all things Web, Project Management, Event Management, and Audio Production.

From our beautiful Morgan Hill, CA community, we help businesses shine.

We build high quality websites and apps for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations like VMware, Adobe, ServiceNow, and We can help with all of your web needs, from basic updates to fixing things that are broken. Plans start as little as $99/month.

We also have expertise in Project Management including Agile coaching, Agile transitions, SCRUM Master services, JIRA administration and more.

Full service Web Design and Development, Project Management and Agile coaching.


At Konoba, we can design the perfect website for your business. We can design it from scratch or customize various professional templates.

App Development

Need a custom web or mobile app for your business? Sometimes off-the-shelf apps do not serve organizations well. Let's brainstorm on creating custom apps that meet your specific needs.

Website Maintenance

Did your previous web person leave you stuck with no idea on how to make changes to your site? Need a part-time web person to make updates or just a one-time fix? Monthly Plans starting as low as $99/month (see below)

Professional Project and Program Management services for organizations of all sizes.

Project Management

Need a part-time Project Manager to help your organization plan projects for success, manage stakeholders, and execute on time and within budget?

PMO Consulting

Are you creating a PMO but do not know where to start? We've worked with organizations small and large to create PMOs, develop processes and create templates.

These days, companies are using Agile and Hybrid (Waterfall/Agile) models to successfully deliver projects. We can help design the perfect process for your org.

Agile Coaching

Does your team need help with your Agile framework? We've worked with companies such as VMware,, ServiceNow, Dfinity, SFMTA, and more to set up Agile teams for success.

SCRUM Master

Do you need a part-time Scrum Master to help your team get the most value out of SCRUM? We can train your team members or act as SCRUM Servant Leaders.


We can help you write content for your website, marketing materials, white papers, blogs, etc.

Audio Production

We have a full audio production studio available for music production, podcast editing, and more.

Custom Music

We can write and record custom music for your marketing videos, podcast intros, and more.


Websites, Project Management, Agile, JIRA admin


We build amazing websites using professional Templates, WordPress, Drupal, or custom designs from scratch depending on your business needs.

Your brand is critical and your online presence needs to shine. Don't settle for good enough. Your customers expect more.

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Website Maintenance

If you don't need a full time web person or your web person skipped town and left you unable to make sense of how to make any changes, our website maintenance packages are perfect for you. Packages start at $99/month

We would also be happy to quote you for a specific set of hours/work if you are not ready to commit to monthly services.

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Project Management

Need a part time project manager to manage your critical deliveries? We can create project plans, manage all the stakeholders, manage risks and more. We can also create Project Management processes and templates so that your organization can run future projects more efficiently on its own.

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Agile Coaching

The Agile Framework has been used to deliver many software projects from small to large companies for the last 20+ years. Agile has some amazing qualities that can help many teams get more organized, plan better, work more collaboratively and be more transparent. Let us develop an Agile process that is tailored for your team.

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SCRUM Master

Does your agile team need a SCRUM Master but it's not feasible to hire someone full time? We can help by being your SCRUM Master while we train your teammembers on how to continue this critical role going forward.

Some organizations have a dedicated SCRUM master while others switch the responsibilities among team members. Let's figure out a plan for your team. Read More

JIRA Administration

Do you use JIRA, Confluence, or other Project management tools such as MS Project, Asana, Smartsheet, etc, and need someone to administer it? We can help. With many years experience managing various third-party applications, particularly JIRA, we can help you set it up for success.

We've managed large 20,000+ user instances as well as small < 50 user instances.

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Event Management

We have over 20 years experience managing large corporate events at the Santa Clara Convention Center and Hayes Mansion with clients such as the 49ers and various High Tech companies. Also, we have managed large outdoor events such as the Morgan Hill Music Series, which runs 12 weeks every summer, entertaining over 30,000 people.

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Music and Audio Production

We can write, record and produce music and podcasts in our professional recording studio. Whether you need music for your marketing campaigns, TV Commercials, or intros for your podcasts, we can create music that fits your brand perfectly.

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Our Website Maintenance Pricing

Basic Plan

$99 / mo

Includes 1hr/month of professional services for your basic needs..

  • Updating content/images
  • Backups, bug fixing, etc.

Perfect if you have a well-running webiste, but need occaisional updates. If you need more, we can always quote you for additional work at our client rates.

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Small Org Plan

$249 / mo

Includes 3hr/month of professional services for your web needs..

  • Updating content/images
  • Backups, bug fixing, etc.
  • Custom design work for marketing campaigns/blogs, etc.

If you need additional updates or custom design work for a marketing campaign, blog, etc, this might be perfect for you.

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Business Plan

$649 / mo

Includes 10hr/month of professional services for your needs..

  • Content, Images, etc
  • Backups, bug fixing, etc.
  • Design new custom pages/graphics

If you need updates to your website more regularly, this is a great plan for you. Many businesses run regular ad campaigns, write white papers or blog posts.

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Custom Plan

$xxx / mo

We would love to discuss a custom plan for your business needs. We can set up 10 hr/week, 20/hr week, etc.

This plan can be like having a part-time web professional dedicated to your company's website and applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All websites start with a conversation about your organization's goals. We believe that every business is unique and its website should reflect that uniqueness. We like to understand your branding, your competitive landscape, and what you would like the website to do for you (build brand awareness, customer shopping, etc).

If you have content, images, etc, we can get started right away prototyping.

These days, templates are often the way to go as they have all of the infrastructure built in. We take those templates and apply your branding, content, and voice to create a unique website. We use a variety of bootstrap templates, WordPress templates, or whatever else seems to be the best tool for the job. But, if you need a simple 1-5 page website, templates might not be needed. When we start the conversation, we'll figure out the best solution for you.

There are several options, depending on your needs. If you have a web person on staff, they can easily go into the code and update directly. In some cases, if you're updating simple text or images, we can provide a password-protected admin app that will allow you to make those updates 24/7.

Some web frameworks like WordPress have a built in website administration section, allowing users to make simple changes themselves.

You can also opt to sign up for one of our website maintenance packages where we do all of the work for you. Many businesses prefer to go this route, as changes can be as easy as a simple text/email to us.

All businesses have deliveries, whether it's software, hardware, or a service. To deliver on time and within budget, all projects have to be effectively managed, which can be a full time job. There are multiple stakeholders that need to be engaged in the project, risks that need to be managed, many moving parts that need coordination and follow through, sometimes external vendors, etc. We can help you keep your project running smoothly and handle all of the moving parts.

We can create project timelines, implement processes, monitor stakeholders and progress,etc.

Agile has been a buzzword in the software industry for well over a decade and many companies are still delivering small to massive sized projects using this framework. If you are new to Agile and SCRUM, we can help your team get started. We provide training, guidance, and can suggest tools to use based on your needs. We can even act as a SCRUM master for a period of time until your team is ready to take the reigns.

There are a lot of software options that help you manage projects. Microsoft Project, JIRA, Asana, SmartSheet, Wrike, etc. It might be hard to figure out what works for your team. Let us help you figure that out. We have lots of in depth experience with several of those tools, especially with JIRA, which is ubiquitious among many software companies.


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Meet our team of professionals

Emil JJ

Owner/Lead Consultant

Emil has many years of experience working with small businesses and non-profits as well as large corporations such as Adobe, VMware, ServiceNow, and more. As a web designer, web developer, project/program manager and agile coach, Emil has helped many grow their businesses and work more efficiently.

Certifications: PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL
Read more about Emil's background

Brooke JJ

Event Management

Brooke has over 20 years experience in Corporate, Local Government, and Private Event Management. She has managed large corporate events such as the 49ers pre-SuperBowl party at Levi's Stadium , large music concerts for Morgan Hill's downtown Summer Music Series, golf tournaments, weddings, and much more. She has built a great network of vendors that can manage any size event.


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