SCRUM Master

SCRUM Master - the Servant Leader

A SCRUM Master is often a full time role in many larger companies. For other teams, someone on the team typically takes on these duties or they rotate the role among team members.

The core responsibilities of a SCRUM Master are...

  • Understand the needs of the Product Owner and the development team.
  • Be a Servant Leader - lead by helping others do their work effectively.
  • Protect the Scrum team from interruptions, pushy executives, etc.
  • Remove blockers so the team can get their tasks done.

Not all teams can hire a full time or even part time SCRUM master. We can help you get started or to fill in a gap on your team. Let us be your SCRUM master until you are ready to run the team on your own.

As your SCRUM master, we can join your team a couple of hours per day or several hours per week to get you started. As we're running your SCRUM, we will teach the rest of your team members how to run the team according to SCRUM principles so that they can carry on the baton themselves.

If a SCRUM master is really good, eventually the team will be able to run on its own so effectively that they won't need a dedicated person for the role.