Website Maintenance

Once your website is up and running, it will need to be updated. Content, graphics, and marketing promotions need to be refreshed to reach and engage your customers. Many times, organizations can make some of these changes themselves, especially if using a framework like Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix.

Sometimes, organizations prefer to have someone else take care of their updates and might need new web elements designed and added. This is where we come in.

Like a physical store, a website needs to be maintained. Fresh content, new marketing campaigns, blog posts, backups, etc, are all critical for success.

You can run your business knowing that your website is functioning optimally and being updated with fresh content.


Our Website Maintenance Pricing

Basic Plan

$99 / mo

Includes 1hr/month of professional services for your basic needs..

  • Updating content/images
  • Backups, bug fixing, etc.

Perfect if you have a well-running webiste, but need occasional updates. If you need more, we can always quote you right away for additional work at our client rates.


Small Org Plan

$249 / mo

Includes 3hr/month of professional services for your web needs..

  • Updating content/images
  • Backups, bug fixing, etc.
  • Custom design work

If you need some additional updates or some custom design work for a marketing campaign, blog, etc, this might be perfect for you.

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Business Plan

$649 / mo

Includes 7hr/month of professional services for your needs..

  • Content, Images, etc
  • Backups, bug fixing, etc.
  • Design new custom pages/graphics

If you need updates to your website more regularly, this is a great plan for you. Many businesses run ad campaigns, write white papers, or blog posts.

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Custom Plan

$xxx / mo

We would love to discuss a custom plan for your business needs. We can set up 10 hr/week, 20/hr week, etc.

This plan can be like having a part-time web professional dedicated to your company's website and applications.

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If you're stuck and don't know where to start, reach out to us and we can help you figure it all out.