JIRA Administration

Are you lost with JIRA? Are you paying too much and not using it effectively?

JIRA has been one of the leading AGILE tools for many years. Companies such as Cisco, Wells Fargo, VMware, ServiceNow, as well as thousands of small to medium-sized business are using JIRA to deliver products and services.

Out-of-the-box, JIRA is pretty easy and user-friendly to get started with. But, we have seen companies using it very ineffectively, spending too much money on extras they don't need, and not setting up their projects/workflows in a successful way.

Sometimes JIRA can become a lot of overhead, which can stifle team members. One of Agile's key tennants is people over process.

We can be your JIRA administrator - helping you set things up correctly, implement best practices and get the best value out of the software to help your teams deliver successfully and report easily.